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We don’t have to tell you that businesses who invest in digital marketing and business communication e-solutions are going places.

Welcome to the new race: e-Business, e-Marketing, e-Comms

If you find you’re struggling to keep up your competition, we approach your issues on both sides of the coin.  You’re probably working harder not smarter, because it’s not just your competition that’s left the game – so have your clients / customers. No one is playing the traditional game anymore, so if you are, there’s a very limited audience that’s even watching.

New clients who contact us are usually already on the hunt for where the game has moved to. We hear things like “we know we need to work harder in the digital space but even when we try to test the waters, it feels like we’re working harder, for less return. What are we doing wrong?”


The secret’s out – here is where you’re going wrong 90% of the time.

We always love to unpack what made a new client reach out to us. Usually it’s for one of our services that they needed, or someone recommended they speak to us about implementing. Just one. However 9 times out of 10, without even realising it – Clients need a whole range of our services and don’t even realise that by just apply one change, across their marketing or business communication spectrum, it is likely to return lack-lustre results, if any at all.

This has nothing to do with our level of dedication, expertise or service delivery. Instead, it has everything to do with the synergy and holistic approach to marketing that we know works for our clients. We’re talking about winning and out lasting in the marathon, not just a quick sprint. Think tortoise and the hare, to help visualise what we’re getting at here.

As Mel Frank, Principal Consultant and Owner of Frankly Organised explains “Cohesive business communication, marketing and long term sustainability can only be seen as truly successful when all of your cogs are turning at the same time and in the right direction. When your marketing is spread across DIY and multiple agencies who are likely not working from the same handbook, it is inevitable your business cogs aren’t in sync.”

Business owners – the questions you need to ask yourself (as we’re going to!) as listed below!


What working with us looks like…

After all these questions, you are thinking “hmmm, some of these questions seem like they’re written in a foreign language!” or “… quite a few different people” then we’re the right people to speak to for a no obligation chat!

Our main goal is to help everyone who reaches out to us to be aware of all these questions above – and how to the gaps no matter how big or small, in how you’re currently doing business.

It’s important to understand you won’t be able to perfect your business communication, marketing and strategies overnight but with our team by your side, we’ll be right there to methodically help you across all facets of the business. You won’t need a small army of consultants, you can rely on us for it all.


Do you have one person who oversees all of your marketing (digital and traditional) and regularly keeps tabs on all your cogs?
Do you have a marketing plan, actually typed out, not in your head?
Who handles your social media strategy – content development, scheduling and engagement?
Who built your website? Does it need an update or a complete rebuild?
Who will maintain the website, keep it fresh and updated? Yes, it needs regular attention. Good websites aren’t set and forget.
Who does your graphic work – print, socials, website, email signatures, indoor and outdoor signage, branding, promotional items?
Who does your copy writing – print, socials, website?
Who writes and publishes your articles and blogs?
Who manages and keeps your CRM updated?
Who sends out business newsletters and off-web communication?
Who keeps in touch with regular and VIP customers?
Who comes up with new marketing ideas to keep your business ahead of the curve and competition?
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Clients & Testimonials

We love our clients as much as they love us!

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s a few personal testimonials!

This lady literally changed my life. I owe the last 3 years development of my business thanks to her. Melinda from the bottom of my heart thank you for every single second that you have invested into my business. I do not know how I can ever truly thank you. I do not know anyone more knowledgeable or efficient. You astound me on a daily basis with how much you always have your finger on the pulse and how you continue to always have a fresh perspective on things.

Beside that you have an incredible heart and I feel blessed to have known you for the last twelve months. Thank you for rescuing my business out of a terrible situation and taking it to a position that now does over 30K a month in sales. You are one in a million
Stacey C / Forever Flowering
Mel from Frankly Organised has been helping my family business for many years on and off. Her knowledge of all things marketing and business is invaluable - she can fill the shoes of the entire business development, marketing and design teams all in one go. I highly recommend her services for Facebook advertising, Google SEO, social media management. If you’re looking to grow your business sustainably, Mel’s advice is practical and easy to implement. She’s only ever been a phone call away and is so dedicated to her clients. Can’t recommend her enough
Erin G / Small Business Owner
Mel from Frankly Organised is amazing. She did my website from design and layout to helping with content. Also helps with my Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services. Also does some professional consulting for me as well. I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Craig Marchant / Herculean Innovative
Mel has been absolutely amazing over the last few years of working with her. She brought our website back to life from scratch and has been helping us with the ongoing maintenance & changes over the years.

She also connected us with great referrals such as a software developer that we have also been working with for quite some time on some big projects. We couldn't recommend her enough for her great work!
Daniel Walsh / YPYW
I had been dabbling in Facebook ads with some success but I was completely winging it and knew I was on borrowed time with my ad success. I had been burnt by ads managers in the past so was reluctant to hand over the reins to someone but was at the point where I needed to ‘do it right’. I stumbled on Mel and Frankly Organised and had a good gut feel from the beginning. One phone call later and I was hooked! I felt so much relief after our initial chat, I signed instantly and haven’t looked back. Mel transformed my ad account making my business, Forever Dolls, thrive and grow with no signs of slowing. Mel is an absolute rockstar and can’t wait to work with her for many many years to come
Emma Egel / Forever Dolls