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Welcome to the new Metaverse race:
Media Buying in a whole new wold.

Facebook Ads took a dramatic turn with the introduction of Apple’s iOS 14.5 and beyond. Privacy and the right to maintain this away from the prying eyes of advertisers hurt, in particular, small businesses – because targeting was reduced by a massive 75% visibility. That said, the success of our clients has bounced back stronger than we could have hoped for. We are setting lower cost per landing page view and cost per purchase than we have since post COVID and we’re THRILLED for everyone we work with.

As Mel Frank, Principal Consultant and Founder of Frankly Organised explains:

I spend hours upon hours a month immersing myself within Meta and the ins and outs of media buyer – so clients don’t have to. They invest in us because I know my stuff when it comes to Facebook and my results speak for themselves. People often ask for “proof of FB ad success” and I am really transparent in my answer. I don’t give this out because it could be so easily ‘faked’ or fluffed that it’s just not worth it. Instead, I can show you my Agency’s quality score and if you need further information, I am happy to line up a client for you to speak to over the phone!

Facbook Relative Integrity Score Dec 2021

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