Meet The Team!

Mel Frank

Founder, Principal Consultant, Creative Extraordinaire and Imagineer!

As the face of Frankly Organised, my love and dedication for my clients shows through in the work I deliver and their success. I have over 15 years experience in my own businesses and I’ve worked with so many clients there’s too many to name. I am a business coach, high level marketing, strategic planner and designer. I have white labelled within other consultancy businesses to assist in all facets from executive administration to marketing, website and graphic design to public relations, social media to corporate communication. I am also an experienced with digital risk and crisis management, especially within the social media sphere (aka I help with disgruntled customers or when platform accounts are hacked or misused).

I have been employed in private and public sector industries and I cover everyone from professional services and trades to high end retail and niche industry retaillers. I have worked with many start ups and entrepreneurs in a broad range of fields from retail to new or imported products aimed at B2B or B2C. I also enjoy assisting probono with not for profits associations wherever I can. Most recently, I served as the Deputy Chair for the Board of Camden Women’s Shelter for almost 3 years.

My teriary qualifications include: B.Comms – double major in Business Communications and Public Relations with a focus on digital marketing and communication. I graduated in 2017 with B.Comms in the top 15% of all students across the country. Other formal quals include my Dip. Business Administation w/Distinction; Cert IV Frontline Management; Cert IV Tourism Sales & Marketing.

I have worked hard to be recognised as a professional Facebook Business / Marketing Partner which reflects the value of ad spend I am in control. I reguarly participate in Facebook invite-only training programs and 1:1 Ad Account meetings with FB staff.

Nick Frank

Head of Sales and Operations

Often the first point of contact and the man behind the scenes, I am dedicated to making sure each clients knows they are part of our family, never just a number to us. I enjoy exploring what makes your business amazing and how we can make it even better for tomorrow! My experience as an avid Ice Hockey player (and also a coach) means I know how to navigate my way around a very fast moving game and develop teams that learn how to work as one.

Throughout my work-life, I have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes across too many industries to name. I love the challenge of finding solutions to problems to make businesses work better from the inside out.  I understand that every business is unique and that uniqueness is what our team leverages to ensure you’re always riding on top of the wave.

I have tertiary Degrees is in Primary Education, Special Education and Leadership. Having spent over 16 years in teaching, businesses development, coaching and training in the United States and Australia, international growth is also a keen interest of mine. My sales and networking experience is second to none through my roles in Real Estate, business-to-business sales and community building.  I enjoy networking, connecting referrals and exposing businesses to other businesses with a collaborative focus on growth.

With a wide range of skills, business, and life experiences across the many industries I have been exposed to, I bring a unique and valuable perspective to our team. I never say no, and I believe that every experience and perspective is valuable.

Christiane Ash

All things Google Extraordinaire, Analytics Wizard

I am a passionate, energetic, and data driven specialist digital marketer. My work is backed up by almost a decade in traditional marketing. I have worked for large marketing companies and well as white labelled for several well-known digital marketing agencies – who needed my skill sets to compete against their rivals!

I specialise in aligning digital strategy with the right digital advertising, SEO, SEM and websites. I love working with Mel as our skills are different but align perfectly, enabling us to audit and check-balance each other, collaborate and deliver results for our  clients across all facets of marketing.

My focus primarily is on the Google side of digital marketing projects with media buying and SEO.  I am Google certified in all 6 areas. I have a Masters in IT, Digital Comms and Multimedia, B. Business with marketing and management majors and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. I am excited to be recognised as a Google Partner for 2020, which reflects the number of accounts and ad spend I manage at any given time.

When I’m not deep in managing SEO or SEM for clients, I own 2 Trotec Lasers and love developing new products, both for myself and for my clients. I offer ‘laser time’ sessions where approved clients can come and spend time working alongside me on the lasers and also offer a ‘drop and collect’ service for promotional items for Macarthur businesses who book in to off items to be lasered and collect them 48 hours later.

We work with brands across all industries!

With over 15 years experience, we couldn’t fit everyone’s logo on here. But know we love you all!