If you have downtime over Christmas / new year period, can I PLEASE encourage everyone to review and/or create very clear Terms and Conditions and your Refunds and Returns policies.

I’m a 360° digital marketer of 15 years and it’s alarming how many clients and business owners in general I speak to, who don’t have these on their websites.

What is more alarming is many don’t want me to bother quoting to help them prepare these for new website builds, instead will “wing it” or not bother. I feel that often that’s because they don’t know what to say but it’s so important and if your web guru can’t or doesn’t help you – find someone else!

Why you should never ignore them!

The simple fact is, you can’t ignore this. I know not all website builders also handle copy and design like I do but from 2022 onwards I’m doing everyone a favour and it’s now mandatory as part of my builds to not only create the page, but also assist them with the copy.

Did you know if you ever plan to run paid FB lead ads (I’m a FB, now Meta Business Partner) you also need these? If you sign up with payment gateways you are also signing up that these are accessible and clearly displayed on your website. Same goes for NFPs, it’s vital.

You can look to other sites for examples if you want to DIY but there’s no need to plagiarise. Everyone’s page copy will be different especially as your T&C has to cover what sort of security, cookies and tracking you use, where and how data is stored. I also recommend final drafts are run past your legal counsel as I am not a lawyer, but at the very least, follow the ACCC guidelines and please, make sure you are compliant with all local laws.

Here at Frankly Organised, we really want to help businesses get this sorted! While it might not help you today, it could save your butt tomorrow!! (Plus hey, it’s 2 more website pages for your SEO 😆)

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