If your business is based in Australia, you probably have a ‘com.au’, ‘net.au’, ‘org.au’, ‘asn.au’, ‘id.au’, ‘gov.au’ or ‘edu.au’ domain name with your current website (and emails) attached.


In March, domain holders were granted six (6) months to apply to register an exact match of your current domain name, but with the shorter “.au” ending. This offer is to purchase an additional domain name – your existing ones are not affected.


Some reserved .au domain names will have been “Contested Names” if various parties apply for the same domain name. Contested Names will require negotiation and agreement between the various parties and there is a priority order in which they were considered.


If you have not applied for your ‘exact match’ and intend to do so, you MUST apply for your .au domain name before (AEST) 9.59am 21st September 2022, otherwise it will be available for anyone to purchase from 3 October 2022.


If you initially had decided not to take up this offer (many felt it wasn’t needed and couldn’t see the value) – there is every chance it may be grabbed by someone else – a stranger, a competitor or sadly worse. There are warnings circulating that scammers could purchase these to deceive your clients and customers by imitating your business.


While there are no guarantees as to what will occur, for the small price generally of annual renewal fees, we are encouraging clients to take ownership of their .au domain.


We are concerned about the prospect of very messy situations if you change your mind later. You must understand, any business, association and individual with a local connection to Australia is eligible to register any available .au domain name. Thus, you will NOT have any grounds to claim this back from them simply for a change of mind.


Should you wish to purchase any associated .au domains – we are happy to assist you. Since July 2022, Frankly Organised is proud to offer reliable domain registration and Australian website hosting services directly for all our clients! We got fed up seeing so many clients ripped off or paying for high website hosting & maintenance packages that we have taken the reins!


It’s important to remember any .au domains you register with us, are registered on your behalf – and you OWN them. We simply act as your registrar and can also organise a redirect to point them through to your existing website.


We are continuing to offer our $154 inc GST flat fee to assist clients with .au domains which includes:

  • One year .au domain registration
  • Full concierge assistance to register and then redirect the new .au domain through to your existing website.

If you would like to book, please reply to this email for further instructions.


Questions? We are happy to answer at any time through our contact us page!

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